Welcome To Vignana Samithi

Objectives of Vignana Samithi

  • Promotion of Carnatic music amongst common people, to enable the rich cultural heritage that is uniquely ours.
  • Promote young and budding artistes who find a great opportunity to flower up and grow their passion for music. This way, the tradition is continued.
  • Enable complex spiritual and traditional literature through the expositions by highly learned pundits, who, thereby ignite devotion and ethics in listeners.
  • Works as a nucleus of music networking community and easily partners with other similar sabha, thus glorifying the greater cause of music.
  • Is completely devoid of the concept of charging money for music or devotion. Therefore Vignana Samithi has never set up tickets for its eager audience and accepts money, purely on a donation basis and membership basis.

Vignana Samithi as a Platform

It has programs throughout the year (monthly programs), and a magnum Opus in terms of Sri Tyagaraja Utsavams, that is celebrated once an year, on Pushya bahula Panchami.
Vignana Samithi also has literary programs on Veda and Vedanta, to cater to the discerning audience. Usually stalwarts in the areas mentioned deliver the lectures.
Apart from this, there are special occasions like Ugaadi, where Panchanga Sravanam is conducted. Similarly, the Diwali time features Vaaggeyakaaras days, the 3 days are set aside for the music trinity compositions.

How Vignana Samithi works?

 In order to achieve efficiency in the above programs, Vignana Samithi operates as a full fledged not for profit organisation with an operating body that is constituted by a President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Executive members.
The executive committee meets up, once a month and discusses the programs for future and ways to enhance membership.
Accounts are audited and the committee stands and operates by by- laws written out.
Elders are respected and honoured, youth is invited to participate and carry the banter with energy.
The annual programs are reviewed in general body meetings and new executive body is elected from time to time, to retain newness.